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Republic of Chad ECTN

Republic of Chad ECTN
Republic of Chad ECTN

Republic of Chad ECTN Waiver

Chad ECTN certificate is a loading document for shipments. Certificate, mandatory to obtain for your vessel because of customs clearance.

ECTN is an application for West African customs. It’s the well-crypted abbreviation and the long version is Electronic Cargo Tracking Note. We explained with extras on our What is the ECTN page. You can check via click: What is ECTN? What is CTN?

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Introduction about Chad ECTN is started with this sentence right now. Why it’s obligatory to obtain for your vessel? Because the Republic of Chad Port Authority and Custom Authority made a decision about the Cargo Tracking Note application on 18 Jan 2013. This public notice contains a new ECTN system for Custom Clearance.

Which Documents are Obligatory for Chad Cargo Tracking Note?

There are 3 mandatory documents will be listed below. Prepare your documents for the ECTN process.

Obligatory Documents;

  • Bill of Lading Document (You can use the final copy of your B/L)
  • Copy of Commercial Invoice (Final draft accepted)
  • Customs Declaration Document (Clone will be approved)

Who Will be Obtain Chad CTN Certificate?

Yes, it’s a common question for shipping companies.

We can answer like that: Exporters.

What Happens If Vessel Hasn’t a Chad ECTN Certificate?

We will explain with the lines about your vessel hasn’t an ectn certificate.

  • Demurrage charges will reflect the Exporter if ECTN is not issued.
  • The importer will not be able to clear to goods at the destination.
  • The goods will wait in the Warehouse until ECTN issues, there will be storage charges for the products.

Note: We suggest you check the ECTN document for any country in Africa.

What is the Chad Cargo Tracking Note Regulation?

April 1, 2003, Chad was using the Cargo Tracking Note application.

The sending approved operator can apply for the ECTN waiver in the interest of the cargo proprietor in specific cases.

Inability to show substantial ECTN declaration or created number prompt a fine of up to $2500 per Bill of replenishing, in addition to the guidelines charge dictated by Chad Customs.

Republic of Chad ECTN Regulation
Republic of Chad ECTN Regulation

Republic of Chad’s Import and Export Volume

First, Chad’s Purchasing Power Parity is $30 billion. Economy changing via Chadian people. They mostly make a living via Agriculture and Livestock. It depends on their working volume.

Import Items

  • Machinery
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Industrial Goods
  • Food
  • Textiles

Total Imported Fee: $3.512 billion (data of 2012)

Import Partners

  • France 16.5%
  • China 14.2%
  • Cameroon 11%
  • The United States 6.4%
  • India 6%
  • Belgium 5.7%
  • Italy 4.8%

Import Partners Data came from 2015.

Export Items

  • Arabic Gum
  • Oil
  • Cotton
  • Cattle

Export Partners

  1. The United States 58.5%
  2. India 13.3%
  3. Japan 11.3%
  4. China 4.1%

Data on Wikipedia, 2015.

Export, Import Data source: Economy of Chad РWikipedia 


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