Togo Electronic Cargo Tracking Note


The Procedure of Togo Cargo Tracking Note

The Togo ECTN Certificate is an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note, a document necessary for customs clearance.

According to the Conseil National de Chargeurs Togolais (CNCT) directives numbered 2001-066 (09/03/01) and 007/MTRH effective from May 9, 2000, all sea cargo shipped to Togo must have an Electronic Cargo Tracking Number (ECTN), also known in French as the BESC Waiver.

The Togo ECTN must be applied for by the exporter or their agent (cargo forwarder). We are the fastest agency recognized by the Conseil National de Chargeurs Togolais to assist exporters in obtaining the ECTN certification. The ECTN for Togo is also referred to as the CTN certificate or electronic CTN.

Which Documents Are Required for Togo CTN?

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice
  • Export Customs Declaration

Who Can Apply for the Togo BESC?

The shipper or forwarder must apply for the Togo BESC Certificate for their shipment.

Additionally, you can contact us directly regarding your Togo shipment. We can certainly assist with your BESC Waiver, providing detailed information.

How Many Days Are Required to Obtain the Togo CTN?

While there are no specific limitations, it is necessary to obtain your Togo CTN Certificate before your shipment sets sail.


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