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BSC Shipping Certificate for Madagascar

Madagascar BSC
BSC Certificate for Madagascar

Madagascar BSC Certificate

BSC is a shipping certificate for any cargo which arrives in Madagascar. BSC is also known as a Cargo Tracking Note for English spoken countries and shippers.

This Certificate name cames from an abbreviation of Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons. It’s a French rooted word and some other countries like Madagascar use this system.

If you did not know what is BSC Cargo Tracking Note you may check our article: BSC Certificate

Kindly, this document required for any shipment reaching to Madagascar.

We are going to explain all over the Madagascar shipment certificate with details, questions, and answers.

Notice: Please do not confuse it with the Bachelor of Science certification. This document used only the field of transportation and has nothing related to education.

Why Madagascar BSC Certificate Required for Shipment?

Some of our customers asking this question and we prepared this answer to all of them.

  • BSC Certificate Required for all cargoes for Madagascar because Madagascar Port Authority and Madagascar Revenue Authority toke this system on demand and other nearby West African Countries also use this application.

Which Documents are Required for Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note?

There are few required documents to obtain for Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note. For a note of shippers: Please prepare these documents carefully and be sure about your documents are correct with your shipment.

  1. Bill of Lading document (You can send your validated copy of this one)
  2. Commercial Invoice (Required because authority want to know your shipment or cargo)
  3. Customs Declaration (With details please)
  4. Packing List (Date, containers, and details will be correct if it’s not mentioned correctly, your certificate process will take longer then usual)

Charges for Cargoes Without BSC Certificate

There is a big punishment for cargoes which are cames without BSC Certificate. At first, if it’s your first cargo to Madagascar the punishment or judgment up to Malagasy Authorities.

But as we know, there are 2 different judgments about the Port Authority of Madagascar. They are;

  • Cargo will send it back to the origin.
  • There will be a payment of $3000 per Bill of Lading tariff.
  • Cargo will stay at the port and you may pay demurrage fees daily.

Who Has the Responsibility to Provide Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note?

We have the responsibility to provide Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note with freemium support.

Send us all of your documents without mistakes and we will proceed with your BSC Certificate within 1 day. You can obtain your BSC Certificate within 3 workdays.

What is the Procedure of Madagascar BSC?

There is a simple procedure for the Madagascar BSC Certificate. A shipper or freight forwarder must be applied to obtain this document.

Note for Shippers: If the final destination of your cargo is not Madagascar country, then you do not have to get BSC Certificate.



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