BSC Shipping Certificate for Madagascar

Madagascar BSC

The BSC (Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons) is an essential shipping certificate for any cargo arriving in Madagascar. Known as a Cargo Tracking Note in English-speaking countries and among shippers, this certificate is rooted in French terminology but is widely utilized in countries like Madagascar for shipping documentation.

If you are unfamiliar with what a BSC Cargo Tracking Note entails, you can learn more from our article: BSC Certificate.

This document is mandatory for any shipment destined for Madagascar.

In this guide, we will cover all aspects of the Madagascar shipment certificate, including frequently asked questions and answers.

Please note: The BSC referred to here should not be confused with a Bachelor of Science degree. This document is exclusively used in the transportation field and is unrelated to education.

Why is the Madagascar BSC Certificate Required for Shipment?

Many customers inquire why the BSC Certificate is necessary for all cargoes to Madagascar. The Madagascar Port Authority and Madagascar Revenue Authority have mandated this system, following the example of other West African countries that also utilize this application.

Which Documents are Required for the Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note?

To obtain the Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note, shippers need to prepare the following documents carefully, ensuring their accuracy aligns with the shipment details:

  1. Transport Document (Draft Bill of Lading or Air-Waybill)
  2. Commercial Invoice (To inform the authority about your shipment or cargo)
  3. Customs Declaration (Detailed)
  4. Packing List (Ensure dates, containers, and details are correct to avoid processing delays)

Charges for Cargoes Without a BSC Certificate

Cargoes arriving without a BSC Certificate face severe penalties. For first-time shipments to Madagascar, the specific penalty is determined by Malagasy Authorities. Generally, there are two common outcomes:

  • The cargo may be returned to its origin.
  • A penalty of $3000 per Bill of Lading may be imposed.
  • Cargoes may incur daily demurrage fees if left at the port.

Who Has the Responsibility to Provide the Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note?

Our team is responsible for providing the Madagascar Cargo Tracking Note with premium support.

Simply send us your documents without any errors, and we will process your BSC Certificate within one day. The entire process can be completed within three working days.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining a Madagascar BSC?

The process for acquiring a Madagascar BSC Certificate is straightforward. A shipper or freight forwarder must apply for this document.

Note for Shippers: If Madagascar is not the final destination of your cargo, you are not required to obtain a BSC Certificate.

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