ICTN Certificate for Nigeria Shipment

Nigeria ICTN

Nigeria has transitioned from using the ACD Number and certificate for all cargoes, having suspended the ACD operation for all shipments. The ICTN (International Cargo Tracking Note) application is currently in progress, awaiting approval from the Shippers Council and Port Authorities.

What’s the ICTN Certificate?

The ICTN Certificate is a loading document specifically required for cargoes destined for Nigeria. Obtaining this certificate is mandatory for shipments if Nigeria is the final destination.

Who Can Provide the Nigeria Cargo Tracking Note?

We are equipped to provide the Nigeria Cargo Tracking Note within three working days. Do not hesitate to ask questions about obtaining your Nigeria CTN Certificate. We value maintaining close relationships with our customers.

The Procedure of Nigeria CTN Certificate

In line with the national plan for the implementation of the Advance Cargo Declaration (ACD) scheme for effective economic regulation and international trade facilitation, the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has authorized the Nigerian Shippers’ Council to implement the International Cargo Tracking Note (ICTN) at all ports open to international traffic. This initiative aims to enhance the security and efficiency of cargo, ships, and port operations.

This global information system applies to the carriage of all goods and transactions related to sea transport.

Which Ports Require CTN Certificate Application?

The requirement for the CTN Certificate extends to 6 Ports in Nigeria:

  • Lagos
  • Onne
  • Calabar
  • Sapele
  • Warri
  • Koko

When Do You Need a Nigeria CTN Certificate?

You need to obtain a CTN Certificate when planning to ship your cargo to Nigeria. The process is straightforward with our assistance.

Should you have any inquiries, the CTN Certificate website is here to help at any time! Just email us or send your comment. We will respond to you promptly, usually within 10 minutes.

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