BIETC and BIC Certificate for Gabon


The Gabonese Customs Authority, known as the Direction Generale des Douanes et Droits Indirects, initially utilized the BIC (Bordereau d’Identification des Cargaisons) as a loading certificate for shipments to Gabonese ports. This system has since evolved to the BIETC (Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons), enhancing the tracking and clearance processes for cargo.

What is the BIETC Certificate?

The BIETC, or Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons, is a mandatory Cargo Tracking Note required by Gabonese Ports and Customs Authorities for shipment clearance. It serves as an essential document for the custom clearance process of your cargo.

A note from CMA-CGM provides insights on the Gabon BIETC requirements:

Gabon BIETC CMA-CGM Notice

Quick Quotation for CTN or BSC

An official notification by the Ministère des Mines, de l’Industrie et du Tourisme, reference 134/MIMT/CAB-M/ANGOR, states that the Gabonese Conformity Assessment Programme (PROGEC) for exports to Gabon has been postponed from August 1st, 2015, to January 1st, 2016.

Required Documents for the BIETC Certificate

To obtain the BIETC certificate, the following documents are necessary:

  • Bill of Lading (A necessary document)
  • Commercial Invoice Copy and Packing List (If the commercial invoice lacks detail)
  • Readable Copy of Freight Invoice (If not included in the Commercial Invoice)
  • For used vehicle shipments, additional documents include:
    • Copy of the purchase invoice of the used vehicle
    • Copy of the Certificate of first registration
    • Copy of the last Certificate of roadworthiness

Consequences of Not Obtaining the Gabon BIETC Timely

Failure to secure the BIETC Cargo Tracking Note on time results in penalties. The BIETC draft must be submitted at least one day before the vessel’s departure and approved within ten calendar days from the date of vessel departure. Beyond this period, the system will no longer allow approvals, and shipments not regularized in time will incur penalties at the destination.

The timeframe for obtaining a provisional BIC or BIETC, signed and stamped, varies by region:

  1. African Countries: 5 days after vessel departure
  2. United States of America and American Countries: 15 days after vessel departure
  3. Asian Countries: 10 days after vessel departure
  4. European Union and European Countries: 5 days after vessel departure

If you encounter issues or have questions regarding the BIETC certificate, please leave a comment below for immediate assistance.

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