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Ghana CTn

This page is dedicated to providing extensive knowledge, wiki, service information, and more about Ghana’s CTN (Cargo Tracking Note) and ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note).

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For those seeking information on the CTN Certificate, we suggest reading our detailed explanation, which is a quick 3-minute read for avid readers, available at What is CTN Certificate?.

What is the ECTN?

The ECTN is designed for ship tracking and facilitating customs clearance, offering the advantage of monitoring your cargo and easing the customs process. It’s a critical document for cargo destined for Ghana, applicable to sea, air, railroad, and land transport.

How to Get a Ghana CTN Number?

Obtaining a Ghana CTN number involves preparing your necessary documents for the certification process. The timeline ranges from 1-5 working days, depending on the volume of your cargo.

What Does the Ghana CTN Cost?

The cost is contingent on your cargo volume, with larger shipments incurring higher fees.

How to Apply for a CTN Certificate for Ghana?

The CTN certification process requires the following documents:

  1. BL Details
  2. Freight Invoice
  3. Packing List
  4. Customs Clearance Certificate
  5. Commercial Invoice (if the Freight Invoice is not valid)

What is the Ghana CTN Certificate?

The Ghana CTN Certificate is a mandatory loading certificate for cargo destined for Ghana. An example document can be found here: Ghana CTN Certificate Example Document.

When Do You Need a Ghana Cargo Tracking Note?

Exporters, forwarders, and importers need the Ghana CTN for customs clearing and safety, particularly to mitigate risks associated with piracy.

Who Can Obtain the Ghana Electronic Cargo Tracking Note?

Forwarders or exporters can obtain the Ghana Electronic Cargo Tracking Note within 3 days, applicable for cargo transported via any means.

When Did the Ghana Cargo Tracking Note Become Mandatory?

As of 1 March 2018, the Ghana Revenue Authority announced that obtaining a Ghana CTN is obligatory for customs processing.

Timing for Obtaining the CTN Certificate

You should obtain the Ghana ECTN and CTN Certificate at least 3 days before the cargo’s arrival, ideally before it leaves the port by 7 days.

Exporting Used Cars to Ghana: Is ECTN Required?

  • A: For cars newer than six months, obtaining the ECTN is obligatory.
  • B: For vehicles older than 6 months, the CTN certificate is not mandatory.

Documents Required for Pre-Validated Ghana ECTN Certificate

  1. Packing List of Goods (true copy)
  2. Customs Clearance Document from Origin
  3. Commercial Invoice (copy)

Mandatory Documents to Obtain the Ghana ECTN Certificate

  1. Bill of Lading Document
  2. Shipping Freight Invoice
  3. Packing List
  4. Customs Clearance Document
  5. Commercial Invoice

These documents are essential for obtaining the Ghana ECTN Certificate, with a distinction between pre-validation and direct validation requirements.

Penalties for CTN Delays

There are no specified penalties for CTN delays, but for more detailed information, please contact us directly.

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