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Ghana Cargo Tracking Note and ECTN

Ghana ECTN and CTN Service
Ghana ECTN and CTN Service

Ghana ECTN and CTN

This page included with Ghana CTN(cargo tracking note) and ECTN(electronic cargo tracking note) huge knowledge, wiki, service information and many more.

For your information, you can ask any question plus everything about Ghana on here to us. We can reply within 5 minutes.

First of all, if you looking to answer about your What is CTN Certificate? You can read to get answered. Estimated read time is 3 minutes for good readers.

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ECTN is an application for ship tracking also Custom Clearance. This will give you advantage to track your cargo plus easy custom passing. Quite abbreviation for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note, usage on over sea transport, air transport, railroad transport and last type of land transport. This transportation types need a ECTN if the last destination is Ghana.

How to Get Ghana CTN Number?

It’s not hard to do. You should prepare your necessary documents for the certification process than we can receive your documents to prepare your valid Ghana CTN Number.

This process will take 1-5 working days, depends on your cargoes volume. For example; Your cargo 1×40 and 1×20 ft. Container for Ghana, it will be ready within 2 days.

What does Ghana CTN cost?

Depending on your cargo volume. If you sending 10×20 and 5×40 ft. container, the cost will be higher than 1×40 + 1×20 ft. container. As we mentioned, if your cargo volume is big, the cost will be getting expensive.

How to Apply CTN Certificate for Ghana?

Listed documents are necessary for the CTN Certification process. If you provide that documents with correct, your CTN Certificated Applied as Valid for you.

  1. BL Details
  2. Freight Invoice
  3. Packing List
  4. Custom Declearance Certificate
  5. Commercial Invoice(Not needed if Freight Invoice valid)

What is Ghana CTN Certificate?

It’s a loading certificate and required for the last destination of Ghana. We added a Ghana CTN Certificate Document Example for you;

Ghana CTN Certificate Example Document

When the Forwarders and Exporters Need Ghana Cargo Tracking Note?

It’s a good question for exporter, forwarder and importers. Because at the first, we tried to reach that question on internet. So we not get the answer well and we try to reach knowledge. And now, we give an information all around the Shippers.

Let’s answer this question with simple way: You should get the Ghana Cargo Tracking Note if your cargo/ship goes to this country. It’s a required certificate for Custom Clearing and safety. Why safety? Because sometimes Western African sea ways so dangerous about the Piracy actions. Piracy is bad situtation in 2019 if we think.

Who Will Get the Ghana Electronic Cargo Tracking Note?

Seems like complicated for the who answer this question but we recieved message from 3 months ago on our customer.

If you are Forwarder or Exporter you can get the Ghana Electronic Cargo Tracking Note within 3 days. You can reach us for your Loading Certificate.

FYI(for your information): It’s not changing if your cargo goes via ship or truck or air. You need to obtaion that certificate for your custom passing and clearance.

Which Date Did Ghana Cargo Tracking Note Become OBLIGATORY?

Date: 1 March 2018, Ghana Revenue Authority was released the public notice on their website. This notification included Ghana CTN is obligatory to obtain for custom process. After that day Exporters and Forwarders need to get this document for their transports.

How Many Days Until Arrival Can I Obtain The CTN Certificate for My Cargo?

Your cargo if leave the from port like 7 days after you need to obtain Ghana ECTN and CTN Certificate.

Notice: You need to get this certificate before the arrival 3 days ago.

Export Used Cars to Ghana, Do I Need ECTN Certificate?

Two options for this question. This options seperated with simple question.

A: If your Used Car motors age not transgrees six months, you need to obtain because it’s obligatory.

B: If your used car or vehicle age transgrees to 6 months and more you not need to get CTN certificate because it’s not mendatory.

Which Documents Obligatory PRE-VALIDATED Ghana ECTN Certificate?

  • Packing List of Goods(true copy)
  • Custom Declearance Document from Origin
  • Commercial Invoice about your goods(copy)

This 3 sections is obligatory to obtain Pre Validated Ghana ECTN Certificate. Not need anymore to get that.

Which Documents Are Mendatory to Obtain Ghana ECTN Certificate?

  • Bill of Lading Document(Correct Date of BL number and you can use copy of your BL document)
  • Shipping Freight Invoice(Is Mendatory)
  • Packing List
  • Custom Declearance Document(Passing as Port of Origin Export Document)
  • Commercial Invoice

These five documents are mendatory to obtain Ghana ECTN Certificate, 3 documents for the pre validation but if you want to directly validate your certificate you need to send true 5 documents.

If I Have a Delay in Obtaining a CTN, How Much Penalties will I Pay?

There is no penalties you need to pay. But if you need to get more information please contact us for more.



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