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Benin: BESC Application

BESC Benin Application
BESC Benin Application

BESC Benin Application

BESC is the official validated certificate for the Benin and Cotonou Port. You must obtain the BESC Benin certificate before the cargo arrival to Port of Cotonou.

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Why You Should Obtain Benin BESC?

BESC Certificate is MANDATORY for Benin. Douanes Béninoises released the Circular Note and there is no way to pass customs without Cargo Tracking Note.

The Date of 06/08/2019, Douanes updated the Circular and all importer and exporter accepted the update.

Take a look of BESC for Béninoises Circular Notice;


What is the BESC Certificate?

BESC is the abbreviation of Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons. Application of Cargo Tracking Note for the Western Countries who speak the French language with the main language of the Country.

We prepared the detailed BSC, BESC, CTN and many more certificates pieces of information on our website, you can check and read;

What is the BESC Certificate

How Much Benin BESC Tariff and Price?

Change’s with the cargo volume. 1×20 container price always low cost.

The validated BESC Certificate for Benin Price starts with $100 to $1M.

As we said, it always depends on what cargo you have.

Do I Need a BSC Certificate For Niger?

It’s the common question for the importer and exporters. We answered this question that way:

If your cargo goes with sea transportation, first you must obtain BESC Certificate for Cotonou and you need to get a Niger BSC Certificate.

The answer is: Yes you need to obtain both certificates for your Niger shipment/Cargo. Both of Cargo Tracking Note Certificates are mandatory.

Which Port Your Cargo Will Arrive?

Your cargo will arrive at the Cotonou Port. Benin has one single port for the vessels. There is no transit acceptance in Béninoises Customs.

Prohibited and Restirected for Benin

The import of guns, ammunition, narcotics, and materials that may endanger the environment are prohibited.

What is Benin’s Import/Export Status

@Benin Imported $2.8M Goods in 2017.

Benin’s all-out fares were $695.60 million of every 2017. Chief fares are ginned cotton, cotton cake and cotton seeds, cashew, shea spread, cooking oil, and timber.

Benin’s central import accomplices incorporate the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, China, Germany, Spain, France, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Togo, and Thailand.

In 2016 Benin’s main fare accomplices were Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Niger, and Nigeria.

This information sourced by Exports.GOV

Need Benin BESC Application?

Send us an email the get your answer with details. We provide Cotonou BESC Certificate within 3 days. Blazing Fast service with specialists.

Commend on this page, we will reach you and send details for your shipment.


  1. Hi, please let us have a brief idea on BESC for Cameroon and the required documents, also advise charges applicable for 40ft container.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi We have a recent shipment going to Cotonou Benin port
    The port of origin is Europe my question is by when the BESC is issued can we get it immidiately once shipment is moved or it will be issued only when the shipment will arrive

    Also what is cost involved for 40ft container


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