CNCA Cargo Tracking Note for Angola

Angola CNCA

What is the CNCA Certificate?

The CNCA certificate, recognized as ARC (Certificado de Embarque) in Portuguese-speaking countries like Angola, is a crucial document mandated by the Angolan Port Authority and Customs for every shipment entering Angola. This certificate is part of the broader Cargo Tracking Note system, ensuring the smooth processing and tracking of cargo. For more detailed information, refer to our article on the CTN Certificate.

Understanding CNCA as Angola’s Cargo Tracking Note

Indeed, CNCA stands for Conselho Nacional de Carregadores Angola, translating to the Angolan National Shippers’ Council. In the context of shipping to Angola, this certificate is often referred to as the CNC Certificate, embodying the country’s adherence to cargo tracking and verification measures.

Essential Documents for Angola’s Cargo Tracking Note

To secure the Angola Cargo Tracking Note, specific documents are paramount. Among these, the Documento Único, or DU Document, acts as an Import License, a prerequisite for all Angolan importers. The requirement for the DU Document has evolved, initially not being mandatory at the outset of the CNCA Certificate process.

Document Checklist for Angola ARC – CNCA Certificate

The process to acquire the Angola Cargo Waiver Document mandates the submission of four key documents, which must be provided clearly and correctly:

  1. Bill of Lading document or a valid draft copy.
  2. Commercial Invoice detailing the cargo.
  3. Freight Invoice with clear and accurate information.
  4. Documento Único (DU Document) – Import License documents.

Accuracy and authenticity in these documents are non-negotiable for successful clearance.

Timing for CNCA Angola Documentation

The need for a CNCA Angola Document arises at a specific juncture within the cargo tracking note application process. Should there be any inquiries or clarification needed, we are here to assist.

Ports in Angola Requiring the CNCA Certificate

Several ports in Angola mandate the possession of a CNCA Certificate for cargo entry:

  • Luanda
  • Namibe
  • Soyo
  • Lobito
  • Cabinda

This certificate is non-negotiable for shipments to these ports.

Processing Time for CNCA Certificate

Typically, acquiring a valid CNCA Certificate for Angola takes about 5 working days, assuming no complications arise. Our services as a valid and reliable provider of CNCA Cargo Waivers extend globally, with a focus on clients from the MENA and Asian regions.

How to Apply for a CNCA Certificate

Initiating the CNCA application process involves contacting an authorized agent or service provider who can guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring all requirements are met and documents are in order.

You can contact us to get your CNCA certificate fast. We also provide free quotation and consultation, so you can fill the form on our website if you have any questions or want a quotation for the CNCA.

Tips for a Smooth CNCA Application Process

To facilitate a hassle-free CNCA application process, ensure all documents are double-checked for accuracy, adhere to the submission deadlines, and stay in communication with your service provider for updates and advisories.

Why is the CNCA Certificate Important?

The CNCA Certificate plays a vital role in Angola’s import regulation framework, enhancing cargo security, ensuring compliance with local laws, and streamlining customs clearance, underscoring its importance in international trade with Angola.

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