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Angola CNCA and ARC Certificate

Cargo Tracking Note for Angola, CNC Angola Application
CTN Certificate for All Angolan Ports

CNCA Cargo Tracking Note for Angola

What is the CNCA Certificate?

CNCA certificate is also known as ARC from Portuguese spoken countries. It’s a Cargo Tracking Note certificate which is requested by Angolan Port Authority and Customs for every shipment to Angola.

We posted an article on us What is the CTN Certificate page. You can check to click on CTN Certificate words.

 Certificado de Embarque means Certificate of Shipment, the word is coming from the Portuguese.

Is the CNCA means Cargo Tracking Note for Angola?

Yes, it is! CNCA means Conselho Nacional de Carregadores Angola. Conselho Nacional de Carregadores means The Angolan National Shippers’ Council. Some shippers know this certificate as CNC Certificate for Angola.

Most Important Documents of Angola Cargo Tracking Note

Some documents are really important for obtaining Angola Cargo Tracking Note. First, Documento Unico is known as DU Document. Documento Unico (DU Document) is an Import License and all Angolan Importers must obtain that document for their shipments.

For the beginning of the CNCA Certificate process, DU Document wasn’t mandatory for cargoes.

What Kind of Documents are Required for Angola ARC – CNCA Certificate?

There is a total of 4 documents required for the Angola Cargo Waiver Document obtainment process. You must provide these documents legibly and properly to us for a smooth clearance procedure.

Required Documents for Angola CNC:

  1. Bill of Lading document or copy of the valid draft.
  2. Commercial Invoice of your Cargo with details.
  3. Freight Invoice with clean details and true information.
  4. Documento Unico (DU Document) – Import License documents.

All the information on these 4 documents must be real and accurate.

Which Time You Need a CNC Angola Document for your Cargo?

There is a procedure that we need to follow for this cargo tracking note application.

If you have questions about this procedure, you may ask us or contact us.

Which Ports Requires Cargo Waiver of Angola?

  • Ambriz
  • Cabinda
  • Essungo Marine Terminal
  • Futila Terminal
  • Girassol
  • Kiabo Marine
  • Kiame Terminal
  • Lobito
  • Lombo
  • Luanda
  • Malongo
  • Mocamedes
  • Palanca
  • Porto Amboim
  • Soyo
  • Sumbe
  • Takula

Requires CNC Certificate and it’s compulsory.

How long it does take to Get a Valid CNCA Certificate?

Mostly 5 working days will take to get your CNC Angola Certificate within any issues. We are a valid and reliable CNCA Cargo Waiver provider from MENA and Asian based all over the world.


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