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What is Cargo Tracking Note Waiver?


Cargo Tracking Note

There are so many search queries for ”Cargo Tracking Note”, from Google Web Search. If you are looking for the correct answer to this question, you may follow this article. Also, it’s passing as Waiver on Shipping Companies.

Well, What is Cargo Tracking Note?

Cargo Tracking Note: It’s an application for West African Countries. Valid 24 Countries use Cargo Tracking Note Certificates for their Custom Clearance and Track. Usage of this application totally valid on Shipping with Sea, Air, Land, and Railroad.

This application is known as CTN abbreviation for the shippers, forwarders, importers, and exporters. You may look at our What is CTN? Article with clicking on the question mark.

There are different names of Cargo Tracking Note because some countries use default language as French.

French Cargo Tracking Note Names

  • Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons, known as BESC. For the detailed article of the BESC Certificate, you may look at our kind and true article with this link: What is BESC Meaning?Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons, known as BSC. You may ask about What is BSC Stands For?
  • Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons, known as BIETC Certificate for shippers of Gabon. This certificate valid only for cargoes to Gabonese Customs. We wrote an article of Wiki for the Gabon BIETC Certificate.

English Cargo Tracking Note Names

There are two different English names of the Cargo Tracking Note on World Wide. These names;

  • Cargo Tracking Note, known as a CTN Certificate on global. You may check our article on What is CTN Certificate?
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking Note, known as an ECTN Certificate from shippers, exporters, importers, and freight forwarders. You may ask in your mind: What is the ECTN Certificate?

Which Area Uses Cargo Tracking Note?

Transport and Logistics services, companies know the Cargo Tracking Note. This is an application for the West African Countries as we mentioned in the article start. CTN Application valid for some Africa shippings, and these are mentioned in our article of: What is CTN Certificate.

The total of CTN Countries counted as 24 from this day (2020). These countries listed in our article from top.

General usage of CTN;

  • Air cargoes to West Africa
  • Sea/Ocean cargoes to West Africa
  • Land Transport cargoes to West Africa
  • Railroad Transport cargoes to West Africa

Which Countries Requires This Application?

  • Angola, the country required CNCA Certificate for Custom Clearance.
  • Algeria, hasn’t yet any Cargo Tracking Note programme for Custom Clearance.
  • Benin, required Custom Clearance document is BESC Certificate.
  • Burkina Faso, requires two applications which named as ECTN Certificate and URN Number. Urn Number meaning: ‘Unique Registration Number’. ECTN Means: ‘Electronic Cargo Tracking Note’
  • Burundi, requires for cargoes to clear of customs ECTN Certificate.
  • Cameroon, Port of Douala requires BESC Certificate for clean shipping.
  • Central African Republic also known as CAR abbreviation, required a shipping document is ECTN Certificate.
  • Republic of Chad, requires for Customs: ECTN Certificate.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (known as abbreviation of D.R of Congo) F.E.R.I Certificate is required for customs clearance.
  • Equatorial Guinea, ECTN Certificate required for all cargoes while the final destination is Equatorial Guinea ports.
  • Gabon, only requires Bietc Certificate which is means Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons for long term.
  • Ghana, requires for all cargoes: CTN Certificate.
  • Guinea Bissau, CEE Certificate which is ECTN Certificate for cargoes.
  • Guinea Conakry, the required shipping document is ECTN Certificate.
  • Ivory Coast(Cote d’Ivoire), BSC Certificate required for all ports.
  • Liberia, just requires for shippings CTN Certificate.
  • Libya, have an ECTN application for Custom Clearance.
  • Madagascar, BSC Certificate valid for all shipping.
  • Mali, BSC Certificate required for cargoes to the final destination is Mali.
  • Niger, requires BSC Certificate.
  • Nigeria, hasn’t yet the application of Cargo Tracking Note but they have ENS application.
  • Republic of Congo (known as Congo), requires ECTN Certificate for all ports.
  • Senegal, BSC and BESC Certificate are valid for custom clearance and mandatory.
  • Sierra Leone, ENS and BSC Certificate both are the same for Sierra Leone cargoes.
  • South Sudan, ECTN Certificate application valid from 2019.
  • Togo, ECTN Certificate same with BESC Application and both are some for this country.

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