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Cargo Tracking Note
Stands for CTN and it’s also known by Cargo Tracking Number on shipping term. Exporters and Forwarders always looking to take this certificate about their cargoes.

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Lome ECTN Certificate for Togo BESC

Togo Electronic Cargo Tracking Note

Burkina Faso Cargo Tracking Note, ECTN Certficate, CTN Certificate and URN Number

Burkina Faso Cargo Tracking Note

Nigeria ICTN Cargo Tracking Note Certificate

ICTN Certificate for Nigeria Shipment

ICTN Certificate for Nigeria ICTN Certificate, Nigeria's Official Cargo Tracking Note Application. It was an ACD Number and certificate for all cargoes but Nigeria suspended the...
Madagascar BSC

BSC Shipping Certificate for Madagascar

Madagascar BSC Certificate BSC is a shipping certificate for any cargo which arrives in Madagascar. BSC is also known as a Cargo Tracking Note for...
Cargo Tracking Note for Angola, CNC Angola Application

Angola CNCA and ARC Certificate

CNCA Cargo Tracking Note for Angola What is the CNCA Certificate? CNCA certificate is also known as ARC from Portuguese spoken countries. It's a Cargo Tracking...

What is Cargo Tracking Note Waiver?

Cargo Tracking Note There are so many search queries for ''Cargo Tracking Note'', from Google Web Search. If you are looking for the correct answer...
Democratic Republic of the Congo FERI Certificate

Democratic Republic of the Congo F.E.R.I. Documentation

The Democratic Republic of the Congo F.E.R.I. Documentation The Democratic Republic of the Congo has a common name border with the Republic of the Congo....
BESC Benin Application

Benin: BESC Application

BESC Benin Application BESC is the official validated certificate for the Benin and Cotonou Port. You must obtain the BESC Benin certificate before the cargo...
Senegal BSC Cargo Tracking Note

Senegal; BSC Cargo Tracking Note

Senegal BSC and BESC ( Cargo Tracking Note and Electronic Cargo Tracking Note ) Senegal(BSC), West Africa's part of the biggest country; Shipping and Marine...
Republic of Chad ECTN

Republic of Chad ECTN

Republic of Chad ECTN Waiver Chad ECTN certificate is a loading document for shipments. Certificate, mandatory to obtain for your vessel because of customs clearance. ECTN...
Burundi ECTN Certificate

Burundi ECTN

Burundi Cargo Tracking Note Application From the begining, we kindly need to share with you What is ECTN? This is an application for West African countries'...
Liberia Container Tracking Note

Liberia Loading Certificate

Liberia Container Tracking Note Shortly about Liberia: Neighbours Sierra Leone from the northwest, from North Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire to East and closest to the Atlantic...
Ghana ECTN and CTN Service

Ghana Cargo Tracking Note and ECTN

Ghana ECTN and CTN This page included with Ghana CTN(cargo tracking note) and ECTN(electronic cargo tracking note) huge knowledge, wiki, service information and many more. For...
Gabon Bietc Certificate

Bietc and BIC Certificate for Gabon

Bietc and BIC Certificate for Gabon At the beginning Gabonese Customs Authority(named as Direction Generale des Douanes et Droits Indirect) was used BIC certificate and...
what does ctn stands for

What is CTN?

What is CTN? CTN is an abbreviation of a term and stands for Cargo Tracking Note. It is a global term of Loading Certificate for...
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